Use a Blog to Promote Small and local businesses

What is a blog?

A blog is a website or part of a website where updates like events, articles, photos etc can be added regularly without replacing the previous content (What you are reading now is a blog). It is like a personal diary, except that others can read, comment and share the information you add. But how does it promote your business?

How does a blog help your business?

A blog can promote your business in many ways. A popular saying about sales is “The more you tell, the more you sell”. Blogs help you with the telling part. It makes communication easier between a customer and a provider. Some years ago if you wanted to tell your customers something, you had to use TV or news papers. If you wanted to take a feedback, you had to have a team for that. Now you can do all these through your blog.

Use your blog to:

1. Send updates to people:

Do you have something to tell your customers? Is your shop open for an extra hour? Let people know that through your blog. Isn’t it a lot easier and faster than sending flyers and publishing ads?

2. Take feedback regarding your product/service:

How was your product/service? To better what you offer now you need to know what people think about your product. There is no better place than your blog to take their product. Conduct poles and surveys in your blog to know what people like about your product and how they want it.

3. Showcase new products and launches:

Use your company blog to showcase new product and launches. This is the place where you can write everything about your product. Describe your product/service, add its features and tell people what makes it different from those of your competitors add a video of your product and describe how it works. You can request your readers to share it with others via social networks and this makes your product promotion easier.

4. Rank better in search engines:

Search engines are always in lookout for fresh and relevant content. The best place to feed search engines about your product or service is your blog. Adding content regularly to your blog will help you to rank better in search engines for relevant search terms and thus get more visitors. If people find your posts interesting they may link to you which will increase your link popularity and drive you to the top of search results.

5. Prove that you are the authority in the field:

Your blog is the best place to prove your expertise in your field. Talk about you, your company and your product/service and make readers familiar with all. Help them to fix problems with products, provide tips if any and welcome questions and feedbacks.

6. Promote offers and coupons:

You can promote offers and coupons through your blog. Showcase them in your blog so that your readers can find it. It is highly probable that they will share it with their friends which, ofcourse, is the reason you offered it in the first place.

7. Interact with people and personalize your business:

A blog acts as a platform of communication between you and your customers. By adding updates about your company and replying to their comments by yourself you are familiarizing with your audience. This gives a personal touch for your business.

8. Build trust of customers:

Trust is a primary ingredient for any business. To run it successfully your customers should have trust in you. By interacting with your customers constantly you show that you care about them. You can post reviews and testimonials by customers and case studies in your blog. Being able to showcase the plus and negative points of your product through another customer’s words increases the reliability of your business.

9. Build a brand:

Branding a business has become easier now with the use of blogs and social media. You can publish any news on your blog and spread it across the globe using social media. It spreads news like wildfire. Proving that you are the expert in your field and constant interactions with your customers and prospects increase the trust of people in you. They will see your difference from your competitors and that gives your products brand value.