Why should you take an SEO Training Course

Update: This post was done when we launched our SEO training course. But we no longer offer SEO training as we have no more time to spend on training. :(. Read the rest to know why you should attend a training course in SEO.

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is one of the most practiced Internet Marketing techniques. Before going into the details of our course, let me give you a brief idea about this industry.

General Outlook:

In general SEO falls under the broad industry of Digital Marketing. An SEO professional can also be called as a Digital Marketing professional or an Internet Marketing professional. Digital Marketing industry is a broad domain with many segments like E-mail marketing, Search Engine optimization, Social Media marketing, Paid Search marketing, Digital brand building etc. SEO is one such segment under the wide digital marketing industry.

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Internet usage in India is growing at a peak rate now. Low cost computer hardware and deep rooted penetration of broadband even to the nook and corner of the country made Internet accessible to almost every Indian consumer. If you feel surprised, I will show you some amazing data:

1. Forrester Research predicts India will be the 3rd largest Internet population by 2013  

2.Internet and Mobile Association of India estimates – Internet advertising is Rs.993 crore industry 

From the year 2010 to 2011, IAMAI estimates 26.4% growth in the Digital marketing industry of India. Such a high growth rate of 26.4% opens space for new talents in the Digital marketing segment. Thousands of new jobs are being created every month in India in the Digital marketing industry, especially in the field of SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics and Paid Search Marketing. Lack of skilled and talented people is a hurdle faced by all companies in the Digital marketing industry. Even we at our Internet marketing company, Webnesters Pvt.Ltd faces difficulties in finding new talents. This lead us to the thought of launching a training course in the Search Engine Optimization segment of digital marketing industry.

Course Details:

As of now we offer course only in Search Engine Optimization. It’s a 60 hour course in Advanced SEO with classes available from Monday to Friday. First batch will commence on 1st- November – 2011.

Course Highlight:

Our syllabus is set with 3 goals in mind:-

1) Industry oriented and practical – we offer a highly industry oriented syllabus with market demands in mind. Our approach is 100% practical and 0% theoretical.

2) Advanced SEO course – Most of the training institutes usually train their students with basic skills only, what ever the course may be! Our syllabus is very advanced that it covers anything happened yesterday. What more to ask for?

3) Job Eligibility – Our objective is simple. Every student who takes our course should be eligible for a job or in other words, every student should be trained in such a way to meet expectations of our own digital marketing company WebNesters Pvt.Ltd

Admissions are open now and you can get more details below: 

1. Syllabus of SEO Training

2. Course Details and Fees Structure 

3. Registration for the course 

Note 1: More courses in other segments like Social media marketing, Paid search marketing (PPC) and Web Analytics will be added in future.

Who all should take this training?

Well, any one who is interested in SEO can take this training course! It’s that simple. SEO is really an interesting subject. Anyway I will classify for the sake of it.

1. Students/College Grads:– If you are looking for a job oriented course in IT services with a good salary anywhere in India or abroad.

2. Web designers/Programmers:– Any one who works as a professional in the Web designing and Development industry should now have been aware of the importance of SEO in your industry. This course is for you professionals! Design/Development skills coupled with SEO skills can give your career extra wings.

3. Small Business Owners:– If you are a small business owner looking to promote your business online, you can learn customized SEO techniques applicable to your business from our team.

4. Marketing Professionals:– If you are a marketing professional; learning digital marketing can take you heights. This course is for you too.

Career Opportunities:

Let’s begin our opportunity hunting with an awesome chart from Internet and Mobile Association of India

Here the chart shows the growth of Internet marketing industry in India from the year 2008 to 2010; with a projection to 2011. Text advertising (which involves SEO and Paid search marketing) is estimated at Rs.459 Crore. This data explains to you the massive opportunity for an SEO professional anywhere in India.

To get an idea about new jobs opportunities in this industry take a look at the screenshot published below from Naukri.

Highlight:- 5097 – SEO jobs posted in last 30 days. Check the black boxes shown in picture.

search engine optimization jobs

Similarly you can do your own research in other leading job portals in India like Monster, TimesJobs etc.

Here is a list of :- Most popular job portals in India


Salaries offered by the companies may vary with location, job type, experience and your skills. Average salary offered for a fresher can range anywhere between 1.4 lakhs per annum to 2.6 lakhs per annum. Experienced professionals can demand based on their career profile. To get an idea of salary offer, just look around job advertisements in job portals listed above.

A good deal of information is written above about Search Engine Optimization and it’s career opportunities. If you are one looking for a training in SEO, please feel free to contact us.

PS: If you have any doubts/queries, please feel free to comment here with your e-mail. I will revert back.