How Google Places help Local Businesses?

‘Google places’ is a free service offered by Google where you can list your local business in ‘Google Maps’ using its physical address.

How does getting listed help my local business?

1. Top ranking in Google search results.

You spend hundreds of dollars a month for SEO to improve the ranking of your website in Google results. As you know ranking top can drive hundreds may be thousands of potential buyers to your website per day. The same can be achieved by listing your business in ‘Google Places’. Why? Because Google uses Google places listings in their search results for queries based on a location. For example take a look at the Google results for the keyword ‘window cleaning Orlando’. Here Google integrated seven window cleaning businesses from their local listing and offers yet more to the user.

Google Local listings help local business

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2. More authenticity:

Among the above results which one would you prefer? the one with their address and route map or a website below. I bet most people prefer the results from Google listings. With just one click on the ‘place page’ link on the right hand side of the listing a user can access full information about that business including address, user reviews, ratings, photos and much more. What more does a buyer wants to know?


3. Display reviews and ratings:

Google users can comment and rate your services and are displayed in search results. Moreover reviews and comments about your product/service from anywhere in the web are grabbed and displayed along with these user ratings. This makes it easy for people to choose the best service without further references.

Google places local ratings