Facebook and Twitter Marketing – A case study

Marketing through Social Media – a case Study

Marketing through social media always has one of the following objectives:-

1. Create brand awareness through specific campaigns.
2. Increase sales by offering special coupon codes with discount/other promotional offers.
3. Increase the number of followers to a particular brand/company.
4. Project the brand/service to prospects as an indirect advertisement.
5. As a channel for direct communication with the loyal customer.

At any point of time, we have a handful of social media website to take advantage of its user base. The most popular and general ones like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and specific ones like Xbhp (for bikers),  leveraging the conventional forums to interact with people, using community specific and niche based blogs to promote offers etc.

This case study aims to carve out a best example of each of the above.

Case Study 1: Dell

Here the objective of the campaign is to “increase sales” through a social media campaign. Any channels may be leveraged; sometimes Twitter alone and in some other cases a combination of many channels. The result of the campaign is judged by analyzing the bottom lines.

The Dell Outlet @Twitter

Dell is one classic example of leveraging Twitter to increase their sales.  Take a look at the screenshot of Dell Twitter Outlet page. Check the red box towards right side and you will see a promotional offer for Dell latitude laptops (a 100$ savings), announced on February 7.

Dell frequently follows this practice of giving offers to Twitter followers and this wins them:-

  • Customer loyalty – which binds them to Dell
  • More sales  – If Dell doesn’t do this – they won’t get this added sales
  • More followers – Existing followers retweeting (sharing) to their friends – resulting in more!
  • Motivates the followers to keep following Dell Outlet – in hope of receiving some offer they would like to see

In addition Dell also uses this channel as a medium for “one to one” communication between the customer and the company sales department. They also uses the medium to help solve customer grievances.

Case Study 2: Fastrack

Fastrack is one of the Indian brands that use social media so well, especially Facebook. They use Facebook mainly for 3 purposes:-

  •  To increase sales via coupons and promotional offers
  •  To facilitate “one to one” communication between customers and company
  •  To create brand awareness and build more followers as Facebook fans

Take a look at the picture below of Fastrack facebook page:-

Highlight:- Their specific offer for Facebook followers only through use of a facebook application. Only people who are a “fan” of Fastrack will be able to see the coupon code! This creates exclusivity among Fastrack facebook community and this keeps their fans bonded to their brand. More over this kind of offer gets more sales and repeat customers. People may consider buying fastrack products for their loved ones during an offer period!

Let’s move on to next picture:- Highlight:- Here Fastrack facilitates “one to one” communication.  Their followers are asking doubts and questions about their purchases and see how quickly and effectively Fastrack social media managers answer the queries.

Note:- This kind of “taking care” of a customer always builds “Trust Value” of a brand. Fastrack gets customers who trust them.  And always keep in mind – “Trust” is the hardest thing to earn in our world!

Next picture is about – How Fastrack builds brand awareness and more followers as fans. Take notice of the “red box” highlighted.  Take notice of these 3 metrics:- 2786 likes ; 115 shares; 84 comments.  This means Fastrack successfully managed nearly 3000 followers to respond to one of their campaigns. 3000+ responses made by people gets highlighted to every other friend of this 3000+ Fastrack fans – and there by adding more and more followers.

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